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                    About feymer


                    Adhering to the mission of "Green technology for better life", the company implements the national strategy of ecological civilization and green development, and is committed to serving the green development and water ecological protection of water-based industry with first-class hydrophilic functional polymer products and technologies. In the years of entrepreneurship and development, the company has gradually formed a business pattern focusing on functional monomers, water-soluble polymers, water treatment membranes and membrane applications.

                    On the main line of core technology, the company is positioned at the development and application of hydrophilic functional polymers, in-depth service for water-based industry, providing first-class cost-effective products and services, and committed to becoming the preferred partner of customers. Facing the industrial and municipal water treatment, as well as the water ecological treatment market, the company provides downstream customers with water treatment chemicals, water treatment membrane products, water treatment engineering and operation services, etc., to meet the customers' requirements of standard discharge, ultra-low emission, cost reduction, reliability improvement, waste water recycling, etc., and realize the reliable protection of water ecological resources. Facing a large number of industrial processing processes with water as the carrier, the company provides industrial water process chemicals and technical services based on water-soluble polymers to improve customer production efficiency, reduce energy and material consumption in the production process, reduce pollution emissions, improve product quality, and help resource recycling to achieve green and sustainable development.

                    In the future, the company will continue to focus on the development of hydrophilic functional polymer products and technological innovation, focus on functional monomer, water soluble polymer, water treatment membrane and core technology in membrane application field, give play to the advantages of technology research and application service, closely follow the development strategy of national energy conservation and environmental protection, new materials and other strategic emerging industries, and continue to provide customers with high performance and high performance Quality, high cost-effective products and services, to meet the differentiated needs of customers, and strive to become a global leader in the market segmentation of hydrophilic functional polymers.

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