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                    Suzhou Jinqu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

                    Suzhou Jinqu Environmental Technology Co.,ltd is invested by its holding company, Jiangsu Feymer Technology Co.,ltd, its core business is the purification and recovery of industrial and municipal waste water, specializing in the treatment of wastewater from plants and parks of industrial enterprises, like chemicals, pharmacy, petrochemicals, printing and dyeing, papermaking, etc. By adopting methods which are cost-effective and affordable, we help wastewater treatment plants to reach discharge standards and achieve eco-level upgrading (upgrade the effluent quality to the Class Ⅳ or Ⅲ of National Standard of Surface Water), substantial discharge reduction (reduce 70% COD discharge) and water resource recovery. Jinqu possesses a series of technologies, products and solutions in the optimization and intensification of biochemical process, membrane bioreactor(MBR), deep adsorption, catalytic oxidation, membrane separation and adsorbent materials, etc. In the term of cooperation modes, we can offer our customers unit facilities or a whole set of technology and facilities, run EPC project and PPP、BOT、BOO, etc with investment and operation services. Besides, Jinqu is capable of providing various services, like investment, construction, operation and technology consultation, etc. 

                    Technology advantage:

                    1. Good effluent quality,up to the Class Ⅲ of National Standard of Surface Water
                    2. 90% plus COD removal
                    3. 70% plus TN removal
                    4. TP can be reduced below 0.05mg/L
                    5. Good decoloration, as clear as tap water
                    6. Less land cover and high performance on investment
                    7. No extra sludge, no secondary pollution
                    8. Simple operation, stable running and strong resistance to fluctuation

                    With first class technology, facilities, materials and services, Jinqu helps our clients in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment to deal with their difficulties. As a result, effluent is up to the standards and ecologically upgraded with COD reduction and cost-efficiency.

                     Address: No.1 Fengnan Road, Fenghuang Town, Jiangsu Province.

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